Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Honestly Folks, everyone knows me as Lotusgreen!

Hi-- I have not really found that Google+ was something I needed, until a couple of days ago when I found that it was required if I wanted to leave a comment on YouTube. It wasn't for me; I just wanted to thank the person who put up that video.

Regarding lotusgreen: It is the sole name I use on Facebook, Twitter, Feedly, NetVibes, (Google Reader), Flickr, Ebay, Blogger, obviously, IMDB, YouTube, my bank online, Schwab online, Plaxo, Library Thing, Tune-in, IheartRadio, National Geographic (Discus), Pinterest, RadioLab, Stumbleupon, etc. This is just the ones on my bookmark toolbar. This is the name by which Everyone would find me. There is no other "first name last name" that anyone would know me by.

In addition to online, VitaminShoppe,,, and many others deliver packages to me under that name.

I hope there is a person reading this instead of just a machine.

Thank you.